Your Most Commonly Asked Questions About Podcast Cover Art

Podcast cover art appears to be one of the most demanding parts of beginning a podcast. So much is riding on the last result– and many feel the incorrect decisions might make or break the success of a brand-new program. We typically hear the same concerns over and over about podcast cover art, as podcasters close in on their launch days.

So, let’s settle these debates once and for all.

Should I use my photo in my podcast cover art?

Many people start a podcast to get notoriety. (Sorry– it’s not that big of a secret!) The very first instinct is to put their face or a picture of themselves right there on the cover. But is this an excellent idea?

Unless you are already understood in your industry or amongst prospective listeners, the response is almost always no. Podcasting will help you get prestige, however, it’s going to be tough to get listeners to tune into the podcast cover art if it is more focused on the host than concentrated on explaining what the program is all about.

Resist the urge to be front and center, for now. Concentrate on what you think individuals require to see to strike play.

It’s worth keeping in mind, too, that shows without images on their cover art tend to improve click-throughs … so …

What should I include on the podcast cover art? Keep it basic, or a call to action?

When readers are being provided a lot of details and aren’t sure what the next actions are, calls to action are fantastic for online scenarios.

This scenario doesn’t precisely use when someone is looking to listen to a podcast. The greatest call to action is “listen now” and if they’re in a podcast directory site, that part is most likely understood.

Keep it easy– simply the title is all that’s essential. Even the tagline can be ended.

Can I use swear words on my podcast cover art?

Not if you want to remain in a podcast directory. You want to be real to your personality and the purpose of your material, however, a swear word can have you prohibited from being noted, even in Apple Podcasts.

An alternative method to using intriguing language is to spell out part of the word and usage special characters or utilize a word that rhymes. Great deals of individuals do this. (and you COULD risk it, with specific words but when in doubt, do without.).

To be clear, there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with vibrant language, and if that’s your thing, we support you 100%. However, podcast cover art is implied to appeal to as many individuals as possible.

Don’t risk your visibility since you require to swear. Utilize your episodes for that.

How much should podcast cover art be?

There is an underground guideline about graphic design and prices. The less expensive it is, the less expensive it looks. There are a couple of exceptions, but great graphic style takes thought, preparation, and a basic understanding of marketing concepts. and 99 Designs typically leave customers feeling frustrated and defenseless, as the amateur designers battle to get the style precisely right and the clients typically can’t communicate why they’re displeased.

For good podcast cover art, plan to spend $200-$ 400. Double that cost if you do not have a logo already. Logo designs are complicated and need to depict the specific right message to the audience.

I heard that I HAVE to utilize the word PODCAST on my podcast cover art. Is this real and why?

You can use any words on your podcast cover art, or no words on your podcast cover art. “podcast” is most likely the last word you need on podcast cover art.

How essential is it that my podcast cover art says what the program is about?

Again, you can state anything on your podcast cover art or nothing at all. The most essential component of podcast cover art is that you make the prospective listener comprehend what they’re in for. Being charming with titles can often be extremely deceptive about the topic.

A podcast entitled “Striking Out” could be about baseball or dating. The answer regarding which will depend on the color, font style, and any other design components. However, a much better choice still would be to call the program “Striking Out– Sad Tales of Dating” or something similar.

The answer to the question is that it’s crucial that in some way you indicate as closely as possible what your podcast has to do with what’s on your podcast cover art. Most of the time, it’s the only thing a listener has to assist them to decide what to listen to.


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