4 Ways to Use Podcasts for Lead Generation

Content marketing comes in various forms—blog posts, social media content, infographics, and more. The time is ripe for adding podcasts to this mix. The audio format is growing at an explosive rate with no signs of slowing. Many entrepreneurs and businesses have started their podcast or are thinking of starting one.

Podcasts are a great way to expand your content base and broaden your community. It allows you to use audio in creative ways to fit into your lead generation funnel. Here are three tips to help you convert listeners into clients.

Focus on quality

Poor audio distracts the listener. Customers are less likely to engage in a podcast that has low audio quality. Although you can record a podcast through your smartphone, you will get better results when using professional sound equipment.

According to Podcast Insights, there are currently around 850,000 unique podcast shows. Many of them, however, suffer from poor quality audio. It pays to invest in professional equipment that produces high-quality recordings. Noise cancellation microphones improve the sound quality significantly. If your budget permits, choose to invest in specialized podcast microphones you can plug into a mixer. 

Include relevant content 

Listeners want to learn about topics relevant to them. The aim is to identify and discuss matters that directly concern the life experiences of your listeners. Engage in critical discourse and try to offer practical solutions to common problems. Avoid overloading your content with too much self-promotion. Try to adopt a neutral position and resist the urge to market yourself at every opportunity. 

A podcast loaded with promotions may appear to the listener like a product commercial rather than a sincere discussion. Aim to show your expertise on the subject and build credibility. Focus on building trust with your audience, and they will seek you out in the future.

Add CTAs

Call-to-actions (CTAs) are a great way to generate leads from podcasts. However, they should only serve as gentle reminders and not push listeners to buy a product. 

Offer free services that support your podcast content and provide additional value to the listener. Some examples include downloadable white papers, checklists, how-to videos, and e-books. 

Not everyone listens to the complete podcast. Analyze your statistics to find out the average listening duration and common drop-off points to help you place information strategically across the audio content.

Invite unique experts to your show

Look for guests who have interesting stories to share with your listeners. Learn more about them before the show and prepare a list of intelligent questions relevant to their work and experience. Structure the conversation and pace yourself carefully through the interview for better communication. 

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