The Importance Of Transcribing Your Podcast

The Benefits Of a Podcast Transcript
Why should you consist of podcast episode transcriptions together with your audio files? Because the benefits are enormous.


1. Podcast transcriptions make your episodes more accessible
According to the World Health Organization, 5% of individuals struggle with some type of disabling hearing problem. Podcasting is an audio-first medium, but that does not indicate you can’t make your content available to people with hearing impairments.

An audio transcription gives people with hearing loss a way to enjoy your fantastic material. They might utilize it to supplement the parts they can’t hear or they might read it through completely.

Podcast episode transcriptions likewise make your show accessible to non-native speakers. You can assist them out by putting that material in written kind for them to look up.

2. Transcripts optimize your SEO reach
Your program notes are valuable ways to help Google comprehend what your episodes are about, but keeps in mind only produce a couple of hundred words. That’s barely the kind of long-form material Google likes to reveal at the top of its results.

A podcast transcript, however, can reach 6,000 words from a 30-minute episode. That’s a ton of content that creates an enormous SEO boost for your website, which eventually makes it easier for brand-new listeners to discover your material.

3. Podcasts with transcripts have more backlink opportunities
Many material developers avoid linking to podcast episodes without a podcast transcript because there’s nothing for their readers/followers to check out without listening to a whole episode.

However, content creators do not mind connecting to podcast episodes with podcast transcripts because their readers/followers have something to check out without dedicating to a full episode or following a lot of steps. So if you desire more backlinks (excellent for SEO!), publish transcriptions.

4. A podcast transcript develops content you can repurpose
A podcast transcript is a valuable bank of written copy you can use to develop other types of content. You may use it for e-mail marketing projects, social networks posts, or infographics. Many podcasters use their transcriptions as sources for blog posts.

How To Create a Podcast Transcript
Now that you comprehend the advantages of podcast records, you’ll need to understand how to create them for your site.

How to compose a podcast transcription yourself
Writing your own podcast transcription is quite uncomplicated: Just listen to your episode and write what you and your guests say.

This approach simply costs your time. A 30-minute episode might take two to three hours to transcribe with stopping briefly and rewinding. After transcribing a few episodes, a lot of podcasters choose that their time is much better invested in producing material.

You can speed up the process of creating your own podcast transcript with a voice-to-text app that automatically types whatever you speak. Let it run while you tape your episode and it will catch the audio and record it as text. You’ll still need to tidy up the app’s output, nevertheless.

If you desire your episodes transcribed by a human, however, do not want to do it yourself, your only choice is to pay someone to do it. This is expensive. The most affordable services cost about $0.50/ minute of audio, which is five times the cost of our service at Voxonic Studio. If you require a native speaker (and you do), that rate can be greater.

Alternatively, let Voxonic Studio transcribe your whole episode. Voxonic Studio has years of experience in creating brilliant transcriptions that detail exactly what is being talked about in your podcast while making subtle changes so that the overall text is more readable which has great benefits for the reader and SEO.

Drop us a line and let’s talk about what we can do to help.

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