Best podcasting microphones 2022: Our 10 best picks

Record your heart out with 10 of the best podcast mics– plus purchasing advice

If you’re intending on taking advantage of the unstoppable rise in podcasting– or have actually currently started– then you’re going to require one of the best podcasting microphones to ensure you catch every last word. Podcasting is huge now. The simple act of voices informing stories, carrying out interviews, or teaching unusual and fantastic things has made it one of the most important– and fastest-growing– interactions mediums of the 21st century.
There are podcasts about practically anything you can consider, consisting of some quite fantastic music podcasts. It likewise helps that making podcasts isn’t anywhere near as challenging as you may think, both in regards to technical know-how and in the minimal equipment you’ll need to collect. Forget costly electronic cameras or unique locations. You simply need a strong microphone, something to record it into, and a way of modifying the audio later.

There’s one microphone on our best podcasting microphones list that stands apart over the others, and for a variety of clear reasons. The Shure MV7 is one of the more recent names on the block, however, it has certainly made an impression on us. By integrating the double advantages of USB and XLR recording– and enabling them to be used at the same time needs to the scenario calls for it– Shure has made one of the best podcasting microphones you can lay your hands on today.
A nod should go to the Blue Microphones Yeti which still, to this day, provides the best mix of versatility, ruggedness, and great quality. Blue has discovered the sweet area of making an economical podcasting mic range which is more than the sum of its parts. We’re yet to find a Yeti user who regrets their purchase.





1. Shure MV7

The very best USB choice for those taking podcasting seriously

Price: $260/€249


Connection: USB, XLR Type: Dynamic Polar pattern: Cardioid Includes: Microphone, cables

+ High-end design and construct + Genuine versatility
– This level of quality isn’t cheap
Look a little further down this list and you’ll see Shure’s venerable SM7B microphone. A true powerhouse in the podcast world, and worthwhile of the high levels of respect it gets. Not that you’ll capture Shure sitting on its hands, not when the podcasting landscape is altering as rapidly as it is. This is why we now welcome the Shure MV7, which takes everything great about its older bro and includes a direct-to-computer USB connection. Most importantly? It can function with both techniques – USB and XLR – simultaneously.
The flexibility this uses makes the MV7 an extremely interesting mic undoubtedly. It’s equally in your home being gotten with a laptop computer as a portable rig as it is taking center stage in a studio environment. Factor in compatibility with Shure’s excellent MOTIV app, which will assist add some professional shine to your recordings in real-time, and you’ve got a bundle that is pretty tough to beat.



2. Blue Microphones Yeti USB

The best and most convenient podcast mic option for any user

Price: $175/ €149

Connection: USB Type: Condenser Polar pattern: Cardioid, bidirectional and omnidirectional Includes: Microphone, stand

+ Superb worth for money.
+ Versatile.
+ Tough as old boots.
– USB only.
The Blue Yeti has ended up being synonymous with a variety of various applications. From Twitch video gaming to YouTube tutorials, this mic is maybe the very best understood out there, and for good reason. It’s simple to use, sounds exceptional thanks to its three condenser pills, and does not cost the earth. Its numerous pattern selection feature is especially neat. You can choose
to either have the mic pick up the noise being directed directly into it, which is terrific for podcasting, or you can set it to pick up audio from a larger angle. This makes it the ideal option for recording group sessions, where a single mic is positioned in the middle of a table.
Over time, Blue has broadened its variety to consist of higher-spec models capable of dual USB/XLR output (Blue Yeti Pro), a smaller sized scale variation (Blue Yeti Nano), and even a design with functionality particular to video game banners (Blue Yeti X). Whatever your creative requirements, there’s a Yeti to match you.



3. Rode Procaster.

A professional vocal mic that’s built for work.

Price: $229/ €199


Connection: XLR Type: Dynamic Polar pattern: Cardioid Includes: Microphone, stand mount, zip pouch.

+ Rugged build.
+ Peerless for speech.
+ Shock mounting integrated.
– Not the most flexible.
Some of the mics on this list are similarly pleased recording vocals, guitars, streams or Skype chats. Not so, the Rode Procaster. The very first of two Rode mics on this list is built particularly for singing recording, and more particularly for speech. It’s pitched as a broadcast microphone, which indicates it could feasibly be used for television, radio, or other high-pressure circumstances.
It handles ambient noise stands out; its tight polar pattern means that no matter how noisy the environment is, what you record will sound very focused and clear.



4. Audio-Technica AT2035PK.

High-quality podcasting set.

Price: $199/ €160

Connection: XLR Type: Condenser Polar pattern: Cardioid Includes: Microphone, earphones, boom arm, XLR cable.

+ Mic is superb.
+ Kit includes value.
+ Will last a lifetime.

– None for the cash.
As a well-respected name in audio production and recording, you can fairly anticipate the Audio Technica AT2035PK to carry out well in the podcast arena. Fortunately, it does not dissatisfy. This cardioid patterned condenser reduces the pickup of sound from the sides and rear, producing outstanding seclusion of the voice. Perfect for podcasting or streaming.
The addition of podcast-friendly headphones, a boom arm to link to a desk, and an XLR cable television makes for an excellent starter plan too.




5. Rode NT-USB.

Mic specialist with an elegant offer for podcasters.



Connection: USB Type: Condenser Polar pattern: Cardioid Includes: Microphone, pop shield, ring mount, tripod desk stand.

+ Sounds an action up from entry-level.
+ Versatile.
+ Can be utilized with iPad.
– One of the costlier USB-only options.
Australian brand name Rode has real pedigree on the planet of microphones. For this reason why we were drawn to the Rode NT-USB. As a professional USB desktop mic, you’re not likely to be taking it out in the field extremely often, but as a set-and-forget desktop choice for podcasting, it’s perfect.
Included in the pack is whatever you require, including a 6 meter USB cable, so if it were required to move far from the desk and into the music studio it could comfortably work its magic on acoustic guitars, for instance. For less requiring requirements, there’s also the cool Rode NT-USB Mini, which boasts a lot of the very same functions only utilizing a smaller sized footprint.


6. Sontronics Podcast Pro.

Excellent looks and great noise from the UK.

Price: $149/€135


 Connection: XLR Type: Dynamic Polar pattern: Supercardioid Includes: Microphone, integrated stand.

+ Outstanding worth for cash.
+ Vintage design.
– Best matched to solo voices.
Released in early 2020, the Sontronics Podcast Pro is a vibrant microphone that has, as you might have exercised from the name, the world of speech recording in mind. This unique-looking broadcast mic is created and integrated in the UK and is geared entirely towards the spoken word. Its supercardioid pickup pattern does a great job at rejecting pretty much whatever that isn’t spoken straight into it, although does work against it when attempting to record several voices simultaneously.
With numerous podcasts now doubling up and providing video together with the traditional audio, you could do a lot even worse than welcome one of these trendy mics into your studio. There’s compound to its beauties too, nevertheless, and it comes at an extremely affordable price.



7. Shure SM7B.

High-end dynamic mic for the specialists.

Price: $459/€399

Connection: XLR Type: Dynamic Polar pattern: Cardioid Included: Microphone, windscreen.

+ Brilliant audio efficiency.
+ Well made.
+ Built-in pop filter.
– Quality like this expenses!
If you’ve ever remained in a recording studio, or ever viewed a band play live, you’ll have seen Shure microphones. Put simply, they are the requirement versus which all other microphones are evaluated. The Shure SM7B contributes to this track record by doing one thing well: making the audio it tapes sound dazzling.
There’s no USB connection, no bundled gear besides a windscreen. Nope. This vibrant microphone is designed simply to provide clean, clear audio. As one of the only vibrant mics on the list, we ought to point out the ease with which the SM7B deals with loud environments too.
It’s the flat frequency reaction we were most taken with though; essentially, none of the frequencies it receives are emphasized in any way. This implies that when you come to process the audio– e.g. add compression, EQ– it sounds as natural as when it was recorded. A top-tier microphone.


8. IK Multimedia iRig Mic HD 2.

A great podcast mic for mobile casting.

Price: $111/ €99

Connection: USB Type: Condenser Polar pattern: Cardioid Includes: Microphone, tripod, carrying pouch.
+ Decent quality.
+ Complementary apps have some great features.
It’s not the very best for fixed studio setups.
IK Multimedia was at the leading edge of creating tools for people to unlock the recording potential of their phones and tablets. The Italian brand name has a substantial legacy in recording software and apps, however, its iRig range brought portable gadget tape-recording to the masses.
The IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 is an all-in-one USB-connected microphone that includes a built-in pre-amp, so it can be linked directly to mobile devices. The sound quality is great too, making it a solid option for on-the-go producers, while we likewise like the bundled suite of apps to record and process your audio.



9. Blue Microphones Snowball.

It may be small but it is mighty.

Price: $55/€49

Connection: USB Type: Condenser Polar pattern: Cardioid Includes: Microphone, stand.
+ Tiny footprint.
+ Easy to utilize.
+ Versatile.
– You’ll outgrow it quickly.
The second entry from Blue on the list, and likewise the tiniest general. The Blue Snowball is marketed as a solution for improving the quality of voice calls, yet as a podcast solution, it’s also pretty strong.
It’s genuinely plug and play, so you can be taping within minutes, however, the audio quality isn’t going to be high sufficient to impress the professionals. But, as a starter for the amateur podcaster, it’s well worth an appearance.



10. Razer Seiren X.

A stylish streaming mic is perfect for house studios.

Price: $99/€99

Connection: USB Type: Condenser Polar pattern: Super-cardioid Includes: Microphone, stand.

+ Inexpensive.
+ Decent development quality.
+ Compact.
– None.
There are lots of parallels between streaming and podcasting. Gamers, in particular, are largely behind the rise of basic plug-and-play USB mics so it makes good sense that the huge gaming brand names are starting to muscle their way into audio technology. The Razer Seiren X is a great example; you observe from its aesthetic that it’s aimed at a certain kind of user, however, it has plenty to offer podcasters too.
We liked the super-cardioid pickup pattern, which did a creditable task of turning down sounds we didn’t desire in our recordings like footsteps outside our studio, while the neat adjustable base permitted us to discover the ideal angle for recording is a nice style touch.






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