7 Best Podcast Hosting Sites: 2022


Podcast hosting differs from website hosting since it offers specific tools built to enhance the customer experience (we’ll describe more later on in the article).

Selecting a reliable podcasting hosting platform is important for your podcast because it will help you grow your audience much faster while making it simpler to handle your podcast files.

In this article, we’ll compare the very best podcast hosting business that you can utilize. A number of them are free and some charge a small amount since they provide better support and tools.

What is Podcast Hosting and Why You Need it?

Podcast hosting is a specific service that provides to store and connect media files to a podcast.

Similar to you requiring a site hosting service to save all your website files, podcast hosting uses the same service but for your podcast’s media files.

Now you may be wondering, could I simply use my site hosting to house my podcast?

You can do that, however, that wouldn’t benefit your site or your listeners. Read more

Best podcasting microphones 2022: Our 10 best picks

Record your heart out with 10 of the best podcast mics– plus purchasing advice

If you’re intending on taking advantage of the unstoppable rise in podcasting– or have actually currently started– then you’re going to require one of the best podcasting microphones to ensure you catch every last word. Podcasting is huge now. The simple act of voices informing stories, carrying out interviews, or teaching unusual and fantastic things has made it one of the most important– and fastest-growing– interactions mediums of the 21st century.
There are podcasts about practically anything you can consider, consisting of some quite fantastic music podcasts. It likewise helps that making podcasts isn’t anywhere near as challenging as you may think, both in regards to technical know-how and in the minimal equipment you’ll need to collect. Forget costly electronic cameras or unique locations. You simply need a strong microphone, something to record it into, and a way of modifying the audio later.

There’s one microphone on our best podcasting microphones list that stands apart over the others, and for a variety of clear reasons. The Shure MV7 is one of the more recent names on the block, however, it has certainly made an impression on us. By integrating the double advantages of USB and XLR recording– and enabling them to be used at the same time needs to the scenario calls for it– Shure has made one of the best podcasting microphones you can lay your hands on today.
A nod should go to the Blue Microphones Yeti which still, to this day, provides the best mix of versatility, ruggedness, and great quality. Blue has discovered the sweet area of making an economical podcasting mic range which is more than the sum of its parts. We’re yet to find a Yeti user who regrets their purchase.





1. Shure MV7

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Podcasting as an advertising and marketing tool

With nearly five billion individuals having a mobile phone, paying attention to podcasts is one of the means people of the modern-day globe find info and also look for amusement. Right now, there are an estimated 54 million podcast episodes, paired with 800,000 active podcasts around the world. The state of podcasting in America alone suggests that 70% of individuals know this audio material. With these astonishing figures, it appears you need to leverage the podcast for brand awareness. Here are some advantages of choosing podcasting as part of your marketing.

Podcast For Brand Name Understanding: Structure Connection and Trust Fund

Podcasting paves the way for your organization to have a solid voice. With your selected material, you can display the drive, personality, and personality of your company. Consequently, you can draw in more clients as well as boost your sales goals in an all-natural means. Unlike aggressive and typical advertising that consumers no more depend on, podcasts allow you to construct even more genuine client relationships. In an organization, trust is essential in creating a dedicated adhering to the market that is currently filled with products and services. As well as most importantly, count on corresponds to more sales!
For the new brand name building trust is even more difficult and podcasts are a wonderful tool to begin connecting with the audience. A wonderful instance is Trailblazers Podcast, introduced by Dell technologies, a brand-new brand name produced in 2016 when Dell, as well as EMC Firm, merged. The podcast isn’t concerning the brand name yet a collection of inspiring service stories. This is likewise an example of engaging material, talking with the audience, thinking about entrepreneurship as well as real-world company experience.

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Podcast Strategy: A Guide

This post will provide you with the best guide to the most effective podcast method.

While podcasting started in early 2004, it wasn’t famous until relatively recently. Since podcasting acquired its appeal, it has become worldwide by a wealthy and prominent demographic.

In a saturated electronic environment, podcasting provides organizations, organizations, and also marketing experts the opportunity to stick out in their sector and drive their targeted audience.

Yet just how then can you attract attention? How can you go from a passive listener to an active host?

In this post, we’ll be offering you the supreme guide to the very best podcast approach, what things you require to be talking about in your podcasts, podcast method template, as well as what you can do to obtain your podcast to rate.

Please undergo our last couple of articles for additional information on what a podcast is as well as just how it works, why you need to have a podcast, just how you can tape it as well as get it up there. However, in this blog post, we’ll be touching more on the podcasting method, the errors individuals make, and also things you can do to go off on the ideal foot.

Firstly, what is a podcast strategy?

Much like anything you provide for your company, there needs to be a clear goal you desire your podcast to aid you to get to.

Put simply, podcast strategy is a method to determine the success of the action you’re taking as well as exactly how your podcast matches the important things you’re doing.

A podcast technique is a framework that will certainly allow you and also your company or brand to move forward since you know exactly where you are going.

There is absolutely nothing incorrect in choosing randomly the topics you’d like your audience to pay attention to, but the trouble is not getting the real result you wished for when you began podcasting at first; this is because there is no approach in position to assist you to reach your collection objectives.

Nevertheless, podcast technique is a roadmap to setting up your podcast, driving listeners to your podcasts, and converting them into paying clients.

By 2021, there are more than 2 million podcasts and also greater than 48 million podcast episodes (Podcast Insights, 2021).

Podcasting is relatively easy, engaging, as well as affordable. It affords businesses accessibility to a stream of the listener’s base.

But in the same blood vessel, podcasting is daunting and a wild-goose chase and also effort if a thoughtful podcast strategy never exists.

The Best Podcast Strategy

Let’s get started as well as discover the very best podcast strategy your brand name requires to get to the set objectives.


As with any kind of marketing initiative, beginning with a clear organization goal and also not jumping straight at whatever you want to do is constantly optimal, and also it is a great base for a podcast.

When you define the functions of the podcast as well as highlight it, you get on the program to purposefully prepare your podcast. For functional podcasting, there are some steps you must take.

Anyone can follow these actions to ensure they are getting the best results possible from their podcast. They are as follows:

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